There have been quite a few new recruits joining the I Want Plants working family this year but this month heralds a first for us; Joseph Rouse from Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) has joined our team as Scientific Research & Development Lead.

Working here for two years and supported by our Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with MMU and Innovate UK, Joseph will experience first-hand HYVERT’s infant cultivation and growth within our poly-tunnels, through to the final installation of established HYVERT living walls within various Client projects.

Joseph’s expertise gained from Circular Economy Consulting and his RCA Masters in Design Products will assist him in his assessments of HYVERT’s commercial, strategic and most importantly, environmental benefits.  These assessments will then be correlated with the data currently being collected from our HYVERT living wall modules already in situ, within MMU’s laboratory.

Welcome to the I Want Plants/HYVERT Team Joseph!