‘Biophilic Design’ is about using natural elements to mimic the outdoors inside to improve our well-being. Biophilia means a love of nature, and incorporating natural components into our surroundings is good for us both physically and mentally.  


We are intrinsically linked to Biophilia in the home, a simple plant or flower placed on a sunny window sill is a biophilic element in it’s humblest form.


However biophilic interior design runs a lot deeper; it’s not just about plants and foliage, it’s the careful selection of natural raw build materials and textures eg. sustainable wood/bamboo furniture, rattan lamp shades and stone objects of art. 


Furniture design will be less angular and more likely to flow with natural curvature and any wall art or other installations, will reflect the natural world and it’s beauty.


The interior design colour palette will take inspiration from nature, so think forest greens, blue hues and earthy tones.  


Because Biophilia is such a popular design concept, everyday items we use in our home are frequently taking their inspiration from nature too eg. a ‘rain’ shower head or ‘circadian’ lighting which aims to imitate the sun’s illuminance from sunrise to sunset.  


Soothing sounds may emanate from external bird song or a small water feature and our sense of smell naturally stimulated by flowers or an organic diffuser.


Biophilic interior design should be a multi sensory experience and any combination of these components will help towards a calm and restful home environment.