Deal? No Deal? Late Deal? What is the Deal? 

It looks like in a matter of hours we will know what the deal is… A Brexit announcement is looking imminent this Christmas Eve. (Although as with all things 2020 keep in mind this could be subject to change!) Never fear, we’re ready whatever it brings.

Brexit has some implications for importing and holding EU regulated plants in the UK from 1st January. We’ve always championed the highest standards of plant health, and now we are a government registered Quarantine POD and an APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency) “Place of Destination” for live plants and trees No. 1219450.

 We are doing our bit to minimise plant disease and the spread of harmful organisms. We are very proud to be BIOSECURE.

What does Biosecure mean?

It’s an easy one to explain, you’ll already be familiar with some of this ‘quarantine’ terminology; Our imported plants will be quarantined on arrival and stored in a separate and secure part of our premises. They will remain in self isolation with their “plant bubble” until they have completed their quarantine period (no Netflix or Zoom calls sadly) but they will be tenderly cared for, separately and socially distanced from our other stock. The quarantined stock will be APHA inspected to verify that the plants are healthy and present no risk of transmitting harmful organisms, before being released for use.

Happily we’re ready for a worst case scenario too. We carry plentiful quantities of our own stock. We’re not reliant on imports; so we’re not sweating over border restrictions. Add to our live plant stock: 7000 artificial plants and 2500 containers and a store brimming with decorative wood – we’re feeling confident. Best of all our HYVERT Living Green Walls are proudly “Made in Manchester” and every single component manufactured in the UK. 

So we’re ready. Doing our bit to prevent the spread of infectious diseases in the Office, at Home and now in the Greenhouses. And ready as always to green up your offices, hotels, restaurants, homes and gardens in 2021.