Today was the day – our Cancer Research UK (CRUK) fund-raising (and team-building) push-up challenge.

The goal was to accomplish as many push-ups as possible in one session and IWP Directors Richard and Jessica pledged a £10 charity donation for every team member who participated with the amount increasing dependent on how many further push-ups were achieved. (Eg 20 push-ups/£20, 30 push-ups/£30 etc.)

There was motivating music pumping, push-up ‘fuel food’ and office dogs Ruby & Molly checking everyone’s techniques. Special mention to Jo and Richard who both achieved 100 push-ups each!

As a result, our collective team effort earlier this morning means we are now able to donate a FANTASTIC £1344.00 to Cancer Research UK.

And even more fantastic, our Giving page has received extra donations too so our huge thanks to each donator.

If you’d still like to donate, our Giving page remains open until the end of November. Simply click here.