Let’s take a look at the differences between Live or Artificial Green Walls and the options available.

If you’re looking to make Biophilic design impact internally, Live or Artificial Green Walls are hard to beat in achieving this objective.

In this Blog we’ll look at the various options we can offer our clients to help them achieve a dreamy green-scape.

Live (Natural)

Firstly, do you choose live or artificial?  Without question, we would always recommend the installation of a ‘live’ living green wall, since its environmental benefits when installed internally besides looking beautiful, include noise absorption, air cleansing and improved mental well-being.

And after many years of research, we have designed and patented our unique living wall system called HYVERT.

HYVERT can be installed upon most building surfaces so we’re always equipped with the most appropriate tools, fixtures and fittings for every project.

The watering/irrigation system needed to support HYVERT’s continued growth is part of our prior site-assessment and if there is no means of connection to a mains supply, we have other solutions we can implement for HYVERT to still remain viable.

The plant species used in our HYVERT living wall are bespoke to each project too and owing to the large number of plant varieties we cultivate, it’s easy for us to create patterns, shape and texture if desired.


If an artificial living wall is the preferred option, we can still create a stunning green wall that will look very convincing.

Sold elsewhere as ‘green wall mats’, there are a lot of cheap looking imports in the market to choose from but the truth is, they lack design and can look awful.

I Want Plants green wall tiles are a creation in themselves.  Our Custom Installations team includes Visual Merchandising specialists with a keen eye for achieving depth and interest in our artificial walls by using a contrasting mix of foliage.  And some of the foliage will look shiny whereas other parts will look matt – the same as in real-life.  They never look plastic.

Artificial Green Walls are ideal where the proposed surface area has load-bearing limitations.  They are bespoke to each Client and can be designed to be light-weight to suit purpose.

They are also a perfect solution where atmospheric conditions would mean live green infrastructure would not survive e.g., we recently installed artificial living walls within a lower ground floor spa pool area (no natural light/raised chlorine level).  The artificial living wall still creates a stunning backdrop within this spa-type space.

In fact, aesthetically, by providing the same visual sensory stimulation as HYVERT living walls, artificial living walls can induce a similar sense of mental-wellbeing. 

A large expanse of artificial Green Infrastructure will have greater impact and be more memorable than a scattering of plants in pots and troughs.  

For a business, this could mean happier and more productive staff or customers that want to stay longer or make repeat visits.

Artificial green walls will need no care and maintenance and are a great tool for transforming a space or a dark corner into somewhere that looks more naturally appealing and inviting.  They can also be moved with ease at a later date, if required.

Colour schemes can be more adventurous too, as there are no environmental growing conditions to take into consideration.

We have created artificial green walls with Amazonian, Tropical and Hanging Garden themes and dressed them with artificial flowers too. 

Our artificial green walls make amazing ‘green’ ceilings too.  Their flexibility means virtually no surface is off limits!

Artificial Green Ceiling by I Want Plants

And to meet fire safety specifications, our artificial green walls can also be FR treated ‘in-house’ by our Technicians, prior to their installation.  (Something which our Hospitality Clients in particular request.)  

Our fabulous artificial green walls are so versatile, but as we’ve said at the beginning of this Blog, we’re a Company that champions the use of live Green Infrastructure to negate environmental impact and improve sustainability.  

At the start of each new project, we consult with our Clients to help them make the right ‘green wall’ choice, confident that whichever they choose, they’ll be thrilled with the end result. 

Tropical Green Wall by I Want Plants