Our HYVERT Living Wall continues to evolve…

For our HYVERT product to stay superior, we need to use superior supporting equipment, so it’s with great pride that we announce a new business partnership with Hilti.

Every HYVERT living wall we install is subject to a prior assessment of the surface to be covered.  Whether it be concrete, brick, internal partition-wall etc.

We have hypothesized all likely surfaces with Hilti and they have recommended most appropriate tools, fixtures and fittings for each scenario.

Hilti is an instantly recognizable brand name when it comes to construction tools and equipment with an international reputation for quality and durability. 

Investing heavily and exclusively using Hilti products was an easy decision for us to make.Business Partnership I Want Plants and Hilti

We’re also extremely pleased to add that Hilti chose us to install a HYVERT living wall at the Circle Square, Manchester office so our partnership looks set to continue. 

We’ll be adding images of the Hilti HYVERT living wall here on our website very soon.