Installing a temporary HYVERT living wall system within one of Manchester’s best known nightspots, The Warehouse Project (WHP) was definitely a first for us.

On this occasion though, it had nothing to do with creating a biophilic installation, the reason for HYVERT’s three-day presence was purely scientific.

In the Summer of 2022, we reported that our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with The Manchester Metropolitan University had resulted in the identification of eight Key Sustainability Measures and one of which was Noise Abatement.

We had successfully identified plant species which were better at reducing decibel pitch levels.

For this latest experiment, we wanted to understand how our HYVERT living wall system would perform in both a realistic and challenging acoustic environment. E.g. large spaces with hard building materials, ambiguous layouts and set up restrictions…. in this case, The WHP.

The temporary rigging-up of HYVERT happened earlier one Wednesday morning last November, in readiness for a packed Friday night with amazing international DJs.

Huge thanks to Sacha Lord and The Warehouse Project team for helping make this happen.

You can watch a short video of what happened on the night over on our Youtube channel.