It was great to see the Safety Culture offices last week. 

They have wholly invested in a Biophilic approach in their offices. Plants liberally and thoughtfully positioned throughout the two floors. 

Their HYVERT indoor living wall is looking particularly well.

It’s located in their kitchen and communal area and makes a great focal point. It adds a relaxing connection with nature, and is a really elegant room partition solution. 



Did you know Plants are great noise absorbers? 

They soak up sound just like soft furnishings do. A secret weapon for Architects and Designers where hard floors and busy traffic areas need some acoustic help. A green wall is a beautiful solution and a very effective way to remove unwanted noise. Plants of any size will help with acoustics even table top plants will make a difference. 


We believe that plants are an integrated part of a design concept rather than just a finishing touch. Plants have so many more benefits than just being aesthetically pleasing.