Running from 2-5 June, the Manchester Flower Show coincided with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, so needless to say, it had a very patriotic/quintessentially British theme to it.

Our installation efforts centred around just two locations this year but they were both super-sized and were for our Client, Bruntwood.

Our first display at Bruntwood’s Manchester One premises consisted of filling four giant grey plant-pots, (each measuring some 120cm in height), with seasonal flowers as well as further live planting into a selection of client’s troughs.

Regardless of the weather, they were planted with an extremely ‘sunny’ mix of summer flowers including: Delphiniums, Digistalis and Verbenas.

Our second display for Bruntwood Sci Tech (and a first for Custom Installations Display team), was a vintage red London bus!

The bus, aptly titled, ‘Blossoming Big Red Bus’, was one of a number of floral displays forming part of the City-wide Fringe Displays.

The bus was beautifully decorated with a colourful long-curved display of artificial Roses and Delphiniums.

And keeping the bus in floral company, were forty over-sized white plant pots, profusely stocked with ‘blossoming’ live flowers including Foxglove, Geraniums, Hydrangeas and Lavender.

Manchester Flower Show 2022 Bruntwood Bus - I Want Plants