Running from 2-8 July, it’s Net Zero Week. 

In 2019, the UK was one of the first countries to commit to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions to Net Zero by 2050 and the EU and many other Nations have since followed suit by adopting the same strategy. 

Altogether, creating a Global movement to fight climate change and protect our natural world for the future.  

As a Manchester business, we’re proud of Manchester for ambitiously setting itself an even greater target to reach Net Zero by 2038 and our Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) is perfectly placed to assist in this quest.

HYVERT living wall absorbing carbon dioxide

The scientific study of our HYVERT living walls at MMU, through predictive modelling and multidisciplinary research, has now identified eight key Sustainability Measures which HYVERT Living Walls can meet.  And one of these measures is Carbon Absorption.

With each HYVERT Living Wall project we undertake, we can carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment and quantify (per square metre), both the carbon absorption and reduction and the NO2, thus successfully contributing towards carbon reduction programmes and the Net Zero target in future new builds and developments. 

In addition, roof rainwater can be utilised for recirculation in the HYVERT irrigation which will reduce potential for any SuDS issues. 

This all means that I Want Plants now have the ability to deliver a uniquely tailored, natural carbon-reducing solution.

There are many more ways in which we can all help to play a part in achieving Net Zero and the Net Zero Week website has more information here.