In November I WANT PLANTS (IWP) will be participating in the Cancer Research 100 Push-ups a Day in November Challenge. 

Our sole focus is centred around raising as much money as possible for Cancer Research and so to make the challenge accessible to the whole I WANT PLANTS Team, Directors Richard and Jessica have generously pledged to donate £10 for every team member who volunteers to compete in the ‘IWP’ Cancer Research Push-ups Challenge on the 23 November. 

AND their donation will increase depending on how many push-ups are successfully achieved. Eg. 20 push-ups completed means a £20 donation, 40 push-ups completed means a £40 donation etc. 

We’re strong advocates of healthy bodies/healthy minds so a fitness led team-building challenge which most importantly raises funds for Cancer Research sounds like a win-win to us! 

We’ve set up our I WANT PLANTS Giving page, so if you’d like to use our page to make your own donation to Cancer Research, that would be FANTASTIC!