During this month’s heatwave, we’ve been delighted to assist No.3 Barrington Road with their new commercial premises based locally to us in Altrincham.

The building has been completely remodelled to offer it’s new occupants the healthiest of workplaces and as their brochure states, ‘the building champions a sustainable lifestyle and holds wellbeing at its heart’.

Naturally there’s a strong biophilic emphasis which is where we stepped in to help.

The external entrance to No.3 Barrington Road is flanked by twin clusters of three square planters containing a variety of shrubs with two Italian Holly trees taking the centre stage.

The entrance foyer affirms the importance of live planting with a fantastic mix of size and foliage including Croton, Ficus Robust, Scindapsus, Pilea and a towering palm measuring 2.5m.

Not stopping here, there’s further planting throughout the corridors, so you’re never far from nature.

Get in touch here if you’d like help with a planting scheme.