Earlier this year, we were invited to assist one of our clients with a new office fit-out and it was decided that artificial planting would be most appropriate – especially when currently, in 2020, not all offices are regularly occupied in the way that they once were.

Nonetheless for those staff who are unable to work from home, it has become essential for each workplace to adapt itself and offer a covid-safe alternative instead.

Artificial plants in planters can assist with ‘social distancing’ measures that need to be adhered to and also mean that staff can reap the mental benefits of having leafy green foliage nearby.

2020 has been a year like no other for all of us… and we are extremely grateful that despite everything, companies have never been keener to incorporate greenery into their business, be it artificial or live.

If you’d like our help with a new office layout that incorporates extra planting, please get in touch.