Barchester Healthcare

Working in partnership with McGoff Construction, we had the pleasure of installing three HYVERT living walls for a Healthcare Project in Purley, Crawley - Barchester Healthcare. Unique to this project was the shape of these three living walls; convexed, concaved and straight. HYVERT can be easily adapted to fit curvature of a building and this project also required HYVERT to be inherently fire retardant so our HYVERT PLUS cassette modules were used to adhere to this stipulation.

In this project, special attention was also given to water usage and irrigation, to assist the project in meeting BREEAM Accreditation water usage criteria. HYVERT's design means that water is managed efficiently and regulated by a dripline pipe which directs any water run-off from one HYVERT cassette module into the module below to ensure saturation but minimal waste. There is also a smart system that tracks the environmental temperatures too, which means that as the climate becomes colder, the water that the wall receives is reduced. This is because in colder temperatures, the planting will need less water - thus again reducing excess water run-off and waste.


Type >> HYVERT Living Wall (Plus)

Size >> Total of three living walls; 50sqm combined

No. of Plants >> 4800

Species >> Athyrium Niponicum Metallicum, Carex Morrowii Irish Green, Cyrtomium Fortunei, Euonymous Harlequin, Euonymous Fortunei Gaiety, Helix Shamrock, Heuchera Purple Palace, Pachysandra Terminalis

Designer >> I Want Plants - HYVERT

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