Brown Opticians

At the end of March, our tree-making and floral installations team were tasked with transforming Brown Opticians in Burnley.

Increasingly, we find ourselves working on projects within the Retail Sector but this is our first Custom Installations project for an Opticians!

Brown Optician’s stylish interior already popped with memorable colour so understandably, they wanted their new floral additions to follow the same trend.

This Custom Installation project consisted of three elements; fixed floral installation, custom-made tree and a floral wall.

Brown Opticians

Our artificial flowers and foliage were used for the fixed floral installation which was suspended beneath an arched gold metal frame and consisted of Roses, Anemones, Delphiniums, Verbena and Scabiosa in lovely bright shades of pink, peach, blue, yellow and white.  Eucalyptus spray was used as the accompanying foliage.

Brown Opticians

Using our Sandblasted Ghostwood and Mazanita wood, we also created a bespoke custom-made Wisteria tree, designed to grow upwards from behind the pink booth seating/waiting area and form a beautiful hanging floral canopy overhead.  

Brown Opticians

The third and final element was an artificial floral wall since Brown Opticians wanted to create the perfect back-drop for any client ‘new specs’ selfies.

Measuring approximately 3.3m in height, it complimented the fixed floral installation and used similar artificial flower and foliage varieties. 



Brown Opticians

It was fantastic to work with a business who have such an imaginative ‘eye’ for colour.


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