HYVERT  Living Green Walls

HYVERT by I Want Plants

HYVERT is a living Green wall; designed and developed by I WANT PLANTS.

We are very proud to be the inventors, designers, manufacturers, installers and service providers of our green walls, and very proud that they are Made In Manchester. We believe in Green Infrastructure, and it’s our mission to improve our densely populated cities by covering buildings with plants.

As UK Manufacturers, with a UK Registered design we are 100% accountable for our systems. The core of the system’s structure is fabricated from recycled battery cells, this material can be infinitely recycled so the life cycle of the modules and the impact on the environment have been very thoughtfully considered.

We are pioneers in green infrastructure design and maintenance, and we believe that making room for nature in our urban cities is the future.  The I WANT PLANTS Team has 42 years of horticultural experience, we are passionate about plants and forging the way ahead in the planting world.

HYVERT  Living Green Walls


Thanks to our many years of extensive horticultural expertise, we know what plants need to thrive; so inventing and perfecting our own living wall system was a natural and obvious progression.

HYVERT is a modular vertical living wall system that harnesses technology to deliver stunning green walls. Our HYVERT system is wifi enabled and incorporates its own fully automated irrigation and feeding system.

The plants are nurtured in our Nursery, establishing strong and healthy growth at the very beginning, so we know that our plants will continue to flourish. 


HYVERT  Living Green Walls


Green spaces, nature and Biophilic design are all recognised as fundamental components of a healthy living environment. Populations and city conurbations continue to increase, now more than ever addressing the balance of nature versus the built environment is critical.

Our HYVERT green walls create green space, improve biodiversity and reduce air pollution. Green Infrastructure is fundamental to sustainable living. HYVERT living walls offer the possibility of adding a vertical green solution where usual floor space is limited or unavailable.

We believe in the science and we are proud to have partnered with the Manchester Metropolitan University to ‘scientifically’ quantify the amount of CO2, NO2 and volatile organics our HYVERT living green wall system can absorb.  In essence, we are measuring how much good the walls will bring to urban environments: a secret weapon for corporate social responsibility.


HYVERT  Living Green Walls


HYVERT can be added to an existing space with the minimum of disruption to existing infrastructure, making it suitable for retrospective installation.

These Biophilic Designs are bespoke to each project and clients are always welcome to visit our nursery to check up on the growing progress of their infant HYVERT living wall.

HYVERT living walls are delivered to site with mature planting to give instant visual impact. And once installed, our service team conduct regular inspections to ensure each green wall remains in perfect condition. 


HYVERT  Living Green Walls

HYVERT green walls can be attached to any size of vertical structure both internally and externally.

Our HYVERT system benefits from Smart technology, including a Wi-Fi enabled fully automatic irrigation system. This system monitors every part of the wall, ensuring it receives the optimum quantity of water and minimises water wastage.

If a living wall is not a viable solution for your project, we also supply and install artificial green walls. A great alternative that still has scale and drama and is completely maintenance free.

Visit the IWP artificial green walls

Made in Manchester

Installed across the country

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